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So Choco ManualART is there to help you. We provide unique and special way to sent Anniversary Gift to your loved ones. We print chocolates in different & amazing flavors which are uniquely packed in wooden boxes (Printable with any designs you want).
If you Can’t get any ideas on inviting your special ones for birthday in a very unique and amazing manner, don’t worry, we will help you. We have many refreshing and amazing designs from which you can choose to print on chocolate and box. You can even give your own designs.
Birthdays are very special occasion, One should celebrate it in its own unique way. Our Printed Chocolate are packed in beautiful wooden boxes(again printed) which will give your guest and beloved ones very warm welcome and definitely gonna bring smile on their faces.

Hello there ‘ Do you plan to celebrate your Birthday and want to send birthday invites? So Choco ManualART is here to help you out. We give one of a kind and distinctive approach to send invites to your friends and family. We print chocolates in various flavors which are exclusively packed in wooden boxes(Printable with any plans you need).
We will help you invite your friends and family in a way they will never forget! We have many quirky and unique designs to choose from to print on your chocolates. You can also provide us with your own design and customize the box to your wishes.
Are you looking to celebrate your Birthday or your loved ones but don’t know how to send Invitations? If you are blank and are not able to decide WHAT TO DO?
Don’t Worry we are here for you. Choco ManualART provides you with an unique and trendy way to sent invitations for any occasion (Birthdays especially) to your near and dear ones.
We print pictures and texts on edible chocolates in different flavors which are uniquely packed in printed wooden boxes.
And the amazing thing about all of this is that you can customize each and everything the way you want. Brilliant Right?
The chocolates are not only palatable but also comes in various flavors which you can see on our website long with box designs.
We’ll try to deliver it at the earliest to your doorsteps to SAVE YOUR DAY!
Birthday celebration is one the most important celebration and it is an occasion that one does not forget easily, so why not make it a memorable one. Our Printed Chocolate are packed in delightful wooden boxes (again printed) which will give your guests and close family and friends an exceptionally warm welcome to such an important celebration.