We can print anything on chocolate

Printed Chocolates are exactly what they say, we print directly onto chocolate . It’s all edible, it tastes gorgeous and looks amazing.


Corporate gifts certainly be an identity of your brand that everyone recognizes the most. This is one of the reasons, that we are here to offer printed chocolates corporate gifting pleasure to all the corporate professionals Gifts that like to make a name for their brand. A well-planned move on your part to let clients, visitors & and other special delegates getting in touch with you be gifted with a box of chocolates with printed logo, design or the name of the company. Let the brand awareness be created in a completely unique manner.

Chocolate printing is a completely new concept prevailing these days. Maintaining that same nostalgic taste, mesmerizing appeal, charismatic coco flavor aroma, & certainly a magical set of print are something best performed by us. We have a complete set of chocolate printing expertise and the experienced designers and manpower to design any sort of print best collected in our arsenal and also shared by you. Therefore, you can have a close look at any sort of print to be on chocolate and gift the same to someone special in order to bring a bright smile.


At Choco ManualART you receive the complete gifting solutions as per your personal or professional requirements. Let the flavored taste of gifts be sent to your loved ones in order to create a memory of a lifetime. Our corporate gifting option of printing chocolates with your company’s choice of name, logo or any artistic stature sure to enrich the level of your brand name. All you have to do is search for requirements with us from a plethora of options available and let the amazing choco taste be doubled and memory be created for long-lasting years.


Printing artistic designs on chocolates are something that makes your occasion goes all the more enjoyable. Equally attractive is the presentable way of ours is to send you chocolates in an authentic style of artistic wooden box. Such boxes are ideal in terms of displaying an enriched sense of style to your close ones. We create a special set of simple along with designer boxes with your picture, design, name or even logo printed on the same. We generally offer wooden boxes in a range of 2, 4, 6, 9, 12 & 18 chocolates inside that can be best used for numerous occasions like birthday, anniversary, Valentines, Mother’s Day, professional event, business distribution or anything like that. So, let us make your every single occasion or moment goes perfect and mesmerizing.

Our chocolates are vegetarian

Exclusive products

Printed Chocolates are exactly what they say, we print directly onto chocolate. It’s all edible, it tastes gorgeous and looks amazing. Who can use our chocolates? Due to the uniqueness of our product, anyone can find a use for our product and you will not be disappointed with the quality of print, service or flavor, we strive to excel in all aspects of the product we believe in. A. Hotels and the hospitality industry in general can take full advantage of our printed chocolates for almost any occasion. B. Printed chocolates are ideal as a corporate gifts, it allows you the opportunity to put your brand directly onto the chocolate surface. C. Printed Chocolates have created unique gifts and favors for your special day. D. If you have a special occasion and need an ideal unique gift,, please get in touch, you will not be disappointed. Tasteful corporate gifts | customizable with your logo and design | made with premium belgian chocoalte Make a Memorable Impression Whether you are looking to build a brand, say thank you or simply spread the word - We have the perfect products to get your business noticed. You can personalize any of our delicious treats with your logo and branding!